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Hailing from New Zealand’s picturesque West Coast, Rachel is not only a dedicated astrophotographer but also a proud mother, tutor, and owner-operator of a boutique accommodation. Since discovering her obsession for astrophotography in 2016, Rachel has become renowned for her bright and bold celestial images, earning recognition both nationally and internationally, including accolades like Milky Way Photographer of the Year.

She is also an ambassador for Sky-Watcher Australia.

Her journey in astrophotography is fuelled by a blend of dedication, passion, and perseverance, qualities that shine through in her work and workshops. Rachel is committed to capturing the celestial wonders with clarity and depth, i
nspiring a sense of wonder and curiosity in all those who view and purchase her work, or choose to invest in their photography and join her on an epic adventure under the stars throughout the South Island.

Whether you're well on the way with your astrophotography or just starting out, Rachel can help you achieve your goals with her fun, uncomplicated, yet advanced teaching approach to creating beautiful nightscapes.

You won't be bombarded with confusing tech talk or left in the dust when it comes to post processing, instead you'll be taught her tried and tested methods from years of experience under the stars and in front of the screen to get the results you've been searching for.

Rachel Roberts

+64 27 627 4343

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Lake Kaniere from Mt Brown
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